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Battery terminal inspection device for car and truck batteries

Intelligent image processing solutions are a critical component for the creation of successful automation solutions for industrial production processes as well as for quality inspections and error reduction. We can support you with the latest vision technology!

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Complete finishing lines from a single source!

with our battery production systems, we create the ideal conditions that allow you to create a reliable production. We are proud to be able to offer you the full range of products from depalletizing to filling, labelling and palletizing. Furthermore, thanks to our integration into the PÜTZ GROUP and the resulting synergy effects we are able to offer you not only battery production machines but also the appropriate testing technology to test surfaces, for dimensional accuracy and completeness.

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High rate discharge test with compact measurement technology

You can now also receive our HRD test unit with the latest measurement technology from Chroma ATE Inc. We are thus optimising the testing process for your car and truck batteries. It is also possible to install the modules in our multifunctional test machines.

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Battery-labelling machine

Nowadays, labels contain much more than just product information or manufacturer's data. Manufacturing companies must be able to print and apply a wide variety of labels, including those with variable, machine-readable codes, during the production run – keyword Industry 4.0. The battery-labelling machine from Accumation helps you make this process more efficient.

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Multifunctional testing machine for your battery production

The battery terminals on car and truck batteries are brushed and lubricated and then undergo a high current load test and a high voltage leakage test. The new, multifunctional test machine unifies three steps in one test unit. Incorrectly tested batteries are rejected.

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Self-learning test system for optical final car battery inspections

High-precision image processing systems with AI are essential for modern quality assurance. High-quality products are no longer conceivable without highly accurate sensors or camera use.
Our new test system for optical final car battery inspections was developed in collaboration with Innovision GmbH. It is characterised by its high test performance and greatly reduced follow-up costs thanks to its AI-based self-learning function.

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Washing and drying tunnel for batteries

Only cleaned and acid-free batteries should leave your production? Then find out about the new, highly effective washing and drying tunnel from Accumation. Your batteries will be thoroughly cleaned of lead dust, acid, and other possible contaminants. Our designers pay particular attention to high efficiency as well as low water and energy consumption.

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High-precision, fully automatic scale
for the production of AGM and
VRLA batteries


You can ensure stable production processes, improve the quality of your products and reduce NiO contents significantly by capturing process data, analysing and, if necessary, correcting all influencing parameters. Our new, fully automatic scale helps you to produce high-quality AGM and VRLA batteries.

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Higher Quality. More Transparency.
Fully automatic plug height testing

Comprehensive quality control measures ensure that only the batteries of the highest quality leave your factory. Accumation has developed a fully automatic plug height control system to supplement these measures. Measuring probes are used to measure the plug height in relation to the surface of the lid. This achieves quality assurance during the production process in a proactive manner.

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Maintenance planning by software:
Guaranteed machine availability!

Production machines today must be more flexible and economical than ever. Regular maintenance increases machine availability and the service life of the system. Menu-driven maintenance instructions facilitate the implementation of the necessary works. Thanks to this preventive maintenance, system availability is increased significantly.

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Plug setting machine BASIC


In the past, customers have repeatedly asked us, whether it would be possible to offer a plug setting machine suitable for production lines with lower outputs.

In response to these inquiries, our engineering team has developed the plug setting machine BASIC. It comes equipped with the most important features from the standard plug setting machine and has been designed to handle five batteries per minute.

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Ultr-Compact Punch Unit-
A Plus for Your Production


Finding the right path leading to smarter and more efficient production is one of the biggest challenges the manufacturing industry faces today. Modern production machinery has to be more flexible and economical than ever before. Our punching machine is capable of offering your production such an advantage because the built-in punch unit is ultra-compact in design and adaptable to universal applications.

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The new ACCUMATION- vibration feeder changing system 


In the future we want to send you regular information under the heading on current topics, innovations and projects for Accumation.

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