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Battery washing and drying machine

Function and characteristics

  • On site the batteries are transferred in a longitudinal direction to the cleaning machine transport system.
  • After transfer has taken place the batteries are transported continuously through the individual zones at the preset speed.
  • In the cleaning sections the batteries are cleaned by hot water, detergents and high pressure. In the final rinse section they are cleaned by clear water. In the drying section big blowers dry the batteries by hot air.
  • The machine is designed as container construction in 2 mm thick stainless steel sheet of quality 1.4571. The tanks are fitted with 30 mm insulation. In the area of the circulating air dryer the thickness of the insulation is 100 mm.
  • The steam produced through the heating of the respective medium is captured by an extraction unit and transported through a pipeline made of stainless steel segments into the on-site exhaust air system.

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